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        Reactive dyes
       Reactive dyes normal series
       Reactive dyes rongalite series
       Reactive dyes printing series
       Reactive dyes high-temperature series
        Disperse dyes
       General Series
       Micro Fabrics Dyeing Series
       Rapid Dyeing (HRD)Series
       High Washing Fastness(HXF)Series
       NN Series
       Dyestuffs For Acetate Fibers
       Direct Printing Series
       High-temperature dark Primary Colors
       General-purpose series
        Acid dyes
       Acid dyes normal series
       Weak acid dyestuff
       Acid dyes suitable for netural dyeing series
       Strong acid dyestuff
        Raw materials and intermediates
       Intermediates of Reactive dyes
       Intermediates of Disperse Dyes
       Intermediates of Acid dyes
       Other Intermediates
        Optical brightener agent
       For Polyester,it's blending
       For Cotton,Polyamide,it's blending
       For Acrylic,Wool,Acetate
       For Polyamide/Nylon
       For Pulp,Paper
       For Plastic,Resin,Rubber
       For detergent
        Titanium Dioxide
        Other dyes
       Solvent Dyes
       Sulphur Dyes
       Direct Dyes
       Cationic Dyes



   Strongly recommand products


   Dye series

  Reactive Dyes:
   Reactive Blue 19/Reactive Blue 49/Reactive Blue 198/Reactive Blue 220/Reactive Blue 221 /Reactive Blue 224
Reactive Red 180
   Ocean Blue
   Blue FNR
Disperse Dyes :
Disperse dye blue 60/ Disperse dye ECO

Acid Dyes:
Acid Dyes  Black ACE/172
Acid Dyes  BlackM
Acid Dyes  BlackCE
Acid Dyes  Red 2B
Acid Dyes Blue 3R
Acid Dyes Yellow R

   Intermediate series

     cyanuric fluoride
   H Acid
   K Acid
   Sulfonated Tobias acid
   Sulfonic para base ester
   2-Amino-5-hydroxynaphthalene-1,7-disulfonic acid
   Meta Base Ester
   M Acid

   Meta Base Condense