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        Reactive dyes
       Reactive dyes normal series
       Reactive dyes rongalite series
       Reactive dyes printing series
       Reactive dyes high-temperature series
        Disperse dyes
       General Series
       Micro Fabrics Dyeing Series
       Rapid Dyeing (HRD)Series
       High Washing Fastness(HXF)Series
       NN Series
       Dyestuffs For Acetate Fibers
       Direct Printing Series
       High-temperature dark Primary Colors
       General-purpose series
        Acid dyes
       Acid dyes normal series
       Weak acid dyestuff
       Acid dyes suitable for netural dyeing series
       Strong acid dyestuff
        Raw materials and intermediates
       Intermediates of Reactive dyes
       Intermediates of Disperse Dyes
       Intermediates of Acid dyes
       Other Intermediates
        Optical brightener agent
       For Polyester,it's blending
       For Cotton,Polyamide,it's blending
       For Acrylic,Wool,Acetate
       For Polyamide/Nylon
       For Pulp,Paper
       For Plastic,Resin,Rubber
       For detergent
        Titanium Dioxide
        Other dyes
       Solvent Dyes
       Sulphur Dyes
       Direct Dyes
       Cationic Dyes



   Acid dyes >> Acid dyes normal series














Fast Yellow R

Yellow 25







Yellow GR

Yellow 42







Yellow GL

Yellow 49







Yellow K-GR

Yellow 59







Yellow M-R

Yellow 151







Yellow M-5GL

Yellow 158:1







Yellow A4R

Yellow 199







Yellow N3R

Orange 67







Orange AGT

Orange 116







Orange 3G

Orange 156







Rhodamine B

Red 52







Red Brown V

Red 119







Fast Brill Red 3BN Conc

Red 131








Red 142







Brill Red M-B

Red 249







Red A2B

Red 266







Rubine 5BL

Red 299







Red GN

Red 337








Red 359







Red M-BR

Red 362







Milling Violet B

Violet 48







Bordeaux M-BN

Violet 90







Blue A2G

Blue 40







Fast Sky Blue R Conc

Blue 62







Cyanine L-6B

Blue 83







Cyanine 5R

Blue 113







Blue 2RN

Blue 113







Cyanine GR

Blue 120







Blue M-5G

Blue 185







Blue M-T2G

Blue 193







Blue AFN

Blue 264







Blue BRL

Blue 324







Dark Green A

Green 20







Black SH

Black 143:1







Black SGL

Black 52







Black BGL

Black 107







Black MR

Black 172