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   Optical brightener agent >> For Plastic,Resin,Rubber


Maxbrite OB(C.I.184)

For wide variety of plastics, including PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, thermoplastic, ink, paint, etc;Very high light fastness, no yellowing;Good solubility in organic solvents and good whiteness;Counter of Uvitex OB(Huntsman).

Maxbrite OB-1(C.I.393)

High whiteness with bright fluorescent;Wide range of application properties, widely used in whitening polyester, nylon fiber and various kinds of plastics;Excellent resistance to high temperature;Counter of Eastobright OB-1(Eastman).

Maxbrite FP(C.I.378)

Soluble in organic solvent, Max absorb wave-length 368nm & max emit 436nm;Good compatible with PVC, PS, etc.Good whiteness, shade, heat stability;Counter of Uvitex FP(Huntsman).

Maxbrite KCB(C.I.367)

Suitable for high polymers in all processing form;Very brilliant whiteness effects with a little bluish shade;Counter of Hostalux KCB(Hoechest).

Maxbrite CF:1(C.I.90:1)

Suitable for both exhaustion and padding for resin; For thermosetting plastic e.g. urea formaldehyde resin etc.; High economy, good fastness and stability; Stilbene derivative, yellow powder.

Maxbrite DBH...(C.I.199/199-1)

With good fluorescent whiteness effect;For PVC granulation;Good heat stability with 330°C.