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   Titanium Dioxide >> LBA120(Anatase)


【Description】 The LBA120 is a anatase titanium dioxide with low content impurity, good whiteness, high glossiness, high water dispersion and high covering power.
It is recommended for evaluation in:

  • Indoor water-based paint
  • Papermaking
  • Coating 
  • Chemical Fiber

【Package】25kg paper-plastic composite bag or 500kg and 1000kg ton bag.
【Remarks】Product index will be subject to inspection report.


Typical Properties


TiO2 Content,%




Tint Reducing Power
(Compared with Standard Sample)


Oil Absorption,g/100g


(Compared with Standard Sample)

no lower than



Residue on Sieve of 45 µm (m/m)%


Volatile at 105°C,g/100g


Water Dispersion

decided through consultation