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   Optical brightener agent >> For Pulp,Paper


Maxbrite BY-L(C.I.28/85/113)

Primarily for sizing process; High economy with good whiteness; Stilbene derivative agent, liquid; Counter of Blankophor BA / Colofluor white M2R/ST / Kayaphor FB; Uvitex BHT / Tinopal LPW/UNPA / Ranipal 4BM etc.

Maxbrite PS(C.I.220)

Fluorescent whitening agent for paper in sizing process; Stable at widely pH range; Excellent fastness to light. heat, acid and alkalis;Similar to Blankophor BBU.

Maxbrite PC(C.I.357)

Fluorescent whitening agent for paper in coating process; Very good stability to hard water; Excellent stability for widely pH range; Good affinity to starch, clay, CMC, carbonate and latex; Very stable to acid, excellent light fastness; Stable to heat setting of pigment coating process.

Maxbrite HP(C.I.264)

Fluorescent whitening agent for paper in coating process; Especially, highest whiteness levels; Can be used for high quality product;Counter of Tinopal SHP(Huntsman).

Maxbrite NF

No fluorescent whitening agent for paper in sizing process; Can be used for adjusting shade; Blue lquid.