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   Optical brightener agent >> For Cotton,Polyamide,it's blending


Maxbrite BA Homo(C.I.113)

Primarily for exhaust application; Very suitable for both single and multi-stage of bleaching and whitening; Good dyeing yield in a wide range of temperature; Sulfonated diaminostibene derivative, powder; Counter of Blankophor BA homo (Bayer).

Maxbrite BA267/BY...(C.I.113)

Primarily for exhaust application; High economy with good whiteness; Very suitable for both single and multi-stage of bleaching and whitening; Good dyeing yield in a wide range of temperature; Shade: natural; Stilbene derivative agent, powder; Counter of Blankophor BA267 (Bayer); Uvitex BHT-L (Ciba).

Maxbrite 4BK/BYB(C.I.113)

Primarily for exhaust processes; Fulfill unique and consistent shade; High economy, good whiteness at cheap cost; High stability in a wide range of temperature; Good stability to hydrogen peroxide. Shade(Bluish, Reddish); Stilbene derivative, powder;Counter of Synowhite 4BK(Kisco).

Maxbrite MST-L(C.I.353)

Very suitable in resin finishing process. also for exhaust; Unique whiteness and high brilliancy; Workabe at wide temperature(20-150 °C); Very special stability to acids/alskalis; Shade: neutral to slightly reddish. Stilbene derivative, Liquid;Counter of Uvitex MST(Huntsman).

Maxbrite BBU/BBU-L(C.I.220)

Mainly for padding(continuous) process; Maximum whiteness and highest economy; Higher economy than all competitors' products; Shade: neutral to reddish Stilbene derivative, fine powder;Counter of Blankophor BBU 250(Bayer).

Maxbrite CF530/CF-L...(C.I.134)

Suitable for both exhaustion and padding; High economy, good fastness & stability; Very stable to peroxide and reduction bleach; Shade: various (reddish, bluish); Stilbene derivative, powder or liquid; Counter of Uvitex CF530 (Ciba).